Having Your Home Inspected Before Listing It for Sale Is a Wise Decision!

There are several benefits of home inspection for sellers and the biggest advantage has to be the added assurance that you understand what problems your home may have beforehand allowing you to negotiate a price with all of your cards visible. You will not have the buyer paying for their own inspection and then deciding that they need to renegotiate the sales agreement based on the findings from this inspection. It only makes sense to be aware of any problems or issues that may lower your sale price which allows you to face these issues before the sale.

If it makes sense you may want to repair some of the problems that your inspection may have found. This should only be done if the added value during the sale will be greater than what you have to pay to have the repairs done. This is an excellent way to keep your buyers interested as well. They will be thankful that you have taken the time to disclose information that may affect their decision to buy your home and made every attempt to remain honest and prevent surprises during the sale. You will find that making everybody aware of the condition of the home before the sale eases tensions and builds trust during the sale process.

If you were buying the home you would appreciate the fact that the previous owners took the time to find and report any problems that their home may have. There are no perfect homes but one of the biggest benefits of home inspections for sellers lies in the fact that buyers appreciate knowing what they are looking at purchasing before they have to commit. You may not find it cost-effective to repair the problems you find but the buyers would like assurance that you have considered these issues when you have set the selling price.

The home buyer may still decide to have their own inspection done as well. This may work in your favor as two inspections that show the same basic results should increase the buyer’s confidence that they are being offered a fair price for the home. This will also help prevent any problems from developing after the sales papers have been signed. This is one of the biggest headaches for home sellers and dealing with issues that may stem from home inspections that take place after the sale may cause the sale to collapse.

Choosing to have an inspection done before the sale will help minimize the chances of this happening.

Most home inspection companies perform the same exact inspection regardless of whether or not the seller or buyer pays for them. This can help both parties rest easier and once again may offer some confidence to the buyer. You will always benefit from being upfront when making a big sale and honesty goes a long way towards building trust between the parties. You will find this added confidence to be one of the biggest benefits for home inspections for sellers and buyers alike

Missed home issues until it’s too late.

Hire a reputable inspector and you’ll get an accurate and impartial assessment of your home in Mesa or Gilbert, but the devil is in the detail.

With Arizona Home Inspection Pros, we put our 15+ years of experience in real estate and building construction to work for you. We use high-tech camera equipment to find items that may need further investigation such as mold, asbestos and even termite infestation. Plus we offer guaranteed prices making us a flexible solution to your house inspection needs.

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