Tile Floor Restoration – Clean & Restore Tile Floor

People generally put in a lot of effort into selecting the tiles for the bathrooms, other rooms etc. they match it with the color of the paint in their house or vice versa. Go hopping through different shops to find the tile pattern that suits them the best. All this labor should not go to waste. Soon your tiles would darken and not be shiny like the new ones were and there will be dirt on the grouts and as a result they would not look attractive any longer.

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These tiles need cleaning and restoration. Only then will the last longer and keep your floors looking as you wanted them to like. Getting back the same old luster is possible. Tile floor cleaner sold I the market may not be a very beneficial option. Paying good amount of money and not getting to see a fresh shiny floor might be very disappointing. Better than that would be to make use of home-made remedies as they are more effective as well as very-low costing.

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The floor cleaner would include: a mop, warm water, broom or vacuum cleaner, and some fresh cloths. The first step would be to meticulous clean the floor and remove every bit of dirt even form the grouts. A broom or a vacuum cleaner could be used. What is desired through this activity is that the cleaning process should not end up giving unwanted scratch marks to the tiles.

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Secondly the mop soaked in very warm water should be moved in circular clockwise motion in order to spread the water throughout the floor. And then the floor should be brushed by the mop to clean the stains and marks. Frequent cleaning is suggested so that you don’t need to expend all your energy on cleaning tile floor. In the end it is important to dry it off too after the water is left to stand for a while. For this soft spare cloth would be useful.

Tile floor restoration can be done by the use of vinegar in warm water. If you want to bring back the new shine on your tiles then while cleaning you could add vinegar to the very warm water, mix it well and apply the entire solution in the same manner. Only in this case you need to rewash your floor with warm water again to drive away the smell and texture of vinegar.

Even the grouts can be cleaned to make the entire floor look new. Dirt in the grouts make the floor appear very unhygienic. Vinegar or baking soda can be used for this purpose. Water mixed with vinegar can be made to stand in the grouts or a paste of baking soda and water may be applied for about 15 minutes to clean off the long sticking dirt and stain. The longer it is kept the better cleaning is done. Use of vinegar or baking soda is beneficial also since it does not hurt the color of the tiles.

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